CCAM Terms and Requirements

CCAM - Please be advised that all carriers require CCAM to be filed for any shipment going to China or passing via China, even if the container is not unloaded at any Chinese port. For example, a shipment that leaves Oakland departing to Colombo, Sri Lanka that is transhipped via Singapore may need to be CCAM-compliant if that vessel passes or travels via any Chinese port. The compliance process is very simple. We strongly recommend all of our customers make this a standard process for any shipment that they export regardless of the destination. The carriers need the full name, tax ID, telephone number and contact person to be mentioned on the Bill of Lading in order to be CCAM compliant.

We have noticed several customers have had shipments rolled due to being non CCAM compliant. In some cases, this has cost them thousands of dollars. Shipping companies do not consider shipping instructions to be received completely if CCAM information is missing.

Unfortunately the majority of carriers will not notify us at the time of booking if the route is via China or not. They also will not inform us if SI that is missing CCAM information will be accepted, until after the SI is submitted and the cut-off date has passed. Therefore we once again request that all of our customers make it a standard procedure to include CCAM in their shipping instructions to avoid any possibilities of their cargo rolling due to this requirement.

Here is the information needed to be compliant:
FULL name of the shipper, contact name, phone number and Tax ID
FULL name of the receivers (either consignee or notify incase consignee is “to order”), contact name, telephone number and country code

Attached you will find the accepted country code needed for each destination List of Country Code Identifiers

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