price calculation
The following is how rates are applied if there are any increases announced.

Shipments sailing from USA:
Rates are applicable on the date of the LAST container being turned at the ramp / port (as the booking indicates). For example – if you have a booking for 10 x 40’ from Dallas to Hong Kong with a cut of on October 1, 2016, but you turn in ALL your 10 x 40’ on or before September 30, 2016 – there will NOT be a GRI for this shipment. However, if you turn in even 1 x 40’ on October 1, 2016, the ENTIRE shipment will be subject to a GRI.

What to do in this case?

If you have already turned in 9 x 40’ on or September 30, 2016 – check to see if you can split your booking. If you can split, call us so we can split the booking int0 9 x 40’ and 1 x 40’. When we do this for you, 9 x 40’ will be rated at the old rate and you will pay the GRI amount for just the 1 x 40’ that could not be turned in before September 30, 2016. However, do not turn in the balance boxes UNTIL you get the new booking from us. Failure to do so will result in the ENTIRE shipment being rated with the GRI amount.

Your booking date or your empty pick up date has no relevance to the GRI. You could have made your booking a month back, or picked your boxes on Sept 27. It does not matter. The ONLY thing that affects the implementation of the GRI is the date the LAST container was turned in.

Shipments that sail out of Canada , even if they originate from USA (eg: Indianapolis to Xingang via Prince Rupert port) will be subject to price calculation rate (PCR) as under.

Shipments sailing from Canada:
Shipments sailing from Canada (whether they originate from Canada or USA is immaterial) will be rated based on the sailing date of the vessel. Note this is different that USA where rates are applied based on turn in date of the last container. So, if your booking shows port cut as November 27 and sailing date as December 01, 2016, the December rates apply. Now, even if your vessel was scheduled to sail on November 8 but was delayed by some reason and actually sailed on December 01, 2016 – the carriers will rate the BL based on December rates. The regulations are extremely clear on this. So, please always check your bookings and if your shipment sails from Canada, please check the ETD and be aware of the PCR that applies.
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